If you ask yourself how to start e-commerce project for my company or on my behalf, then you are at the correct address.

Sustaining its operations in Internet and Information Technologies field since 2003, Atak Teknoloji offers fast and corporate solution to its customers for E-Store Design, E-Commerce Consultancy, E-Commerce Strategy, E-Commerce Solutions, Corporate Graphic Design, Internet Marketing, E-Commerce Hosting and security certificates with Bay Bilmiş.

Viewpoint of Atak Teknoloji to e-store concept is creating special design and software in step with targeted internet marketing and target group rather than establishing a simple shopping website

Why Bay Bilmiş?

Unique Design
Useful Site Structure
Easy Management Panel
Search Engine Optimization
Technical Support
Detailed Statistics

Mobile Compatible

You can view your Web site as you wish through all browsers and with all resolutions

SEO Friendly

Let us increase your pagewiev with Google, Facebook and Instagram advertisements in Google search results