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SSL Certificate Prices

Name Domain Guarantee Price Process
Comodo Instant SSL 1 50.000 USD 49,00 USD Order Now
Comodo Positive SSL 1 10.000 USD 19,00 USD Order Now
RapidSSL Certificate 1 10.000 USD 9,00 USD Order Now
RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate 1 5.000 USD 99,00 USD Order Now
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate 1 500.000 USD 49,00 USD Order Now
GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate 1 250.000 USD 99,00 USD Order Now
thawte SSL123 Certificate 1 500.000 USD 29,00 USD Order Now
thawte SSL Webserver Certificate 1 500.000 USD 99,00 USD Order Now
Symantec Secure Site 1 500.000 USD 299,00 USD Order Now
Symantec Secure Site EV 1 750.000 USD 699,00 USD Order Now
GlobalSign AlphaSSL 1 10.000 USD 29,99 USD Order Now
GlobalSign AlphaSSL Wildcard 1 10.000 USD 189,00 USD Order Now

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Encrypt the data stream on your internet site and prevent malicious people from getting important information such as credit card numbers and membership information.

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It’s no longer a long wait for the SSL certificate you purchased. Atak Technology expert support team gives free installation support.

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Have an SSL certificate that is accepted by all banks and payment systems that provide virtual POS payment services.

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The SSL word is English and the shortening is defined as Secure Sockets Layer. An SSL certificate is a process in which the server sends encrypted data that is sent during recipient communication. The most common use is to encrypt data between the server and the web browser during data exchange on the internet site. The SSL certificate consists of a standard algorithm. Many websites use SSL to provide secure data streaming. The SSL operation requires a server-side key and a certificate to act on the recipient side in order to work.

How Does SSL Work?
SSL is based on a coding method with the use of keys defined as Public Key / Private Key.
There are two keys for SSL encryption. These keys are software that is digitally encoded. We can only open the data that a key is encrypted with the other key. After you create your keys (SSL by default, you do not need to do anything), the private key remains in the keys. If it is the other public key, the connection will be sent to the person you are connecting to.

The person who will send you data from the outside will send the data to you safely using the public key. Even if the data is reached during data communication without reaching you, you need a private key to unlock it. According to SSL Certificates, 40 bit or 128 bit encryption is used. The decoding of this kind of cipher will take a lot of time even with advanced technologies.

In summary, the SSL Certificate ensures that computers exchanging data do not interfere with the data sent by a third party, allowing data to be transferred securely between computers that exchange data only.

How to Create a CSR Code (Certificate Signing Request)
- Click to create SSL CSR code Apache Mod
- Click to create CSR code Microsoft IIS 5.x, 6.X
- Click to create CSR code via your CPanel control panel
- Click to create CSR code via your Plesk control panel
How do I upload my certificate?
- Click for Apache Mod SSL SSL Certificate Setup
- Click for Microsoft IIS 5.x, 6.X SSL Certificate Setup
- Click for cPanel SSL Certificate Setup
- Click for Plesk SSL Certificate Setup

What to note when creating the CSR code:

The first step in setting up an SSL certificate is to create a CSR code. Creating Csr code varies according to the web hosting management program used on the server side.
If you are hosting your internet site on an Internet Service Provider - Hosting company, this hosting company will provide you with the CSR code required to set up the SSL certificate.

When creating a CSR Code, the following precautions should be taken into consideration
a) The information you provide for the Csr code should not contain any of the characters below
! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) ~ ? > < & / \
b) The Common Name information must be the same as the domain you want to define ssl. If you have requested your CSR code as, then mail. You can not create a certificate or mail your request. You can not use your ssl certificate at under

SSL Certificate Question Answer

SSL prices are priced from $ 9 to $ 10,000. SSL certificate prices are determined according to the amount of insurance, mobile support, certificate verification style, brand recognition and trust status of SSL certification mark and similar features. In this context, variable price differences occur between the prices of SSL.

If you have decided to buy an SSL Certificate, you should make the best choice according to your needs. In particular you should determine what kind of SSL certificate is required. For example, if you need SSL certificates for subdomains such as, wildcard ssl is for you.

If you will only define SSL on 1 domain name, you should buy EV SSL or OV SSL certificate to provide higher prestige and reliability if you have standard SSL certificate, e-commerce site. It is enough to go with our expert technical support team to find out which SSL certificate you need to purchase.

As '' Atak Technology '' company, we recommend you to buy an SSL certificate suitable for your website. Especially after 2018, the Google search engine will crawl sites without ssl and will not be listed in search results. If you contact us by email or phone, we can decide which SSL certificate is right for your needs.

We can not make installment sales in our SSL Certificate sales. You can pay via credit card, Bank Transfer, Web Money.

Yes, we offer free installation support for the SSL certifications you purchase through '' Atak Technology ''. It will be enough to tell us the server or web hosting panel information required for SSL installation.

The best SSL certificate is quite a relative concept. In fact, the SSL certificate that meets your needs is the best SSL certificate. Today, mobile compatibility for web sites is very important. When purchasing an SSL certificate, consider whether you have a mobile-compatible SSL. However, it should be emphasized that the world's most prestigious SSL certifications are EV SSL Certificates that provide green address bar. Security-conscious sites such as corporate sites, bank sites, and e-commerce sites use green SSL certificates.

Now, we can say that mobile compatibility in e-commerce sites is a must in web sites. We strongly recommend using mobile-compliant SSL certificates for eCommerce sites. We recommend that you purchase Comodo Essential SSL as the cheapest mobile compliant SSL certificate. If you want to buy a prestigious SSL certificate, we recommend you to buy a green bar EV SSL SSL certificate. EV SSL increases sales in e-commerce sites with confidence.

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