Symantec SSL

With Symantec SSL Certificates, dynamic site alerts are provided. There is a "Norton Safed Powered by Symantec®" statement on the site seal.

Symantec SSL Prices

Name Domain Guarantee Price Process
Symantec Secure Site Hosting 1 $500000 $238.8 Order Now
Symantec Secure Site Pro 1 $500000 $598.8 Order Now
Symantec Secure Site Ev 1 $750000 $598.8 Order Now
Symantec Secure Site Pro EV 1 $750000 $922.8 Order Now

Symantec SSL Certificates

Symantec is an American technology company that has been providing individual and corporate solutions for Internet and information security since 1982. Symantec, which acquired VeriSign's SSL, identity protection division for $ 1.28 billion and entered the SSL certification sector, is a world leader in cyber security with more than 11,000 employees.
Symantec SSL Certificates are used by the most important public projects, large e-commerce sites and corporate companies. While Symantec SSL pricing is expensive compared to competitors, it is the highest SSL certification in terms of marketing return on investment worldwide.
You can see the seal of Symantec site which appears in the search results on the Google, Yandex, Bing and other search engines, the top search engines. This situation, differentiates the symantec branded SSL certificates and brings customers to website owners.
Symantec certifications are provided with documentation. That is, before the certificate is defined, the company's existence and the accuracy of the information provided are verified by the documents submitted.
The Symantec certification product, which performs basic encryption for a single Domain, is named Symantec Safe Site. Other certificates of the same mark provide protection for 1-25 domains. A Domain and all subfields are protected by the Symantec Secure Site SSL certificate.
There are also Symantec certifications that feature the green bar. When you visit a website that uses Secure Site EV and Secure Site PRO EV certificates, the visitor's address bar turns green.
Symantec Secure Site
Symantec Secure Site Pro
Symantec Secure Site EV
Symantec Secure Site Pro EV

Symantec SSL Certificate Purchase Process
All Symantec security certifications require that the purchase process enterprise validation steps be completed. Depending on the time of delivery of the required documents, the completion period of the certificate purchase process changes. Things You Need to Know Among the Symantec security certifications, Safe Sit SSL provides protection only for a single Domain. However, it is possible to use the certificate at the same time as "" and also as "". If you want a Thawte SSL product that protects one master domain and its associated subdomains, you can choose Secure Site Wildcard SSL certificate. Secure Site, Secure Site PRO, Secure Site EV, 1-25 Domain. With Symantec SSL Certificates, dynamic site alerts are provided. There is a "Norton Safed Powered by Symantec®" statement on the site seal. Visitors click on the site's seal to get clickable additional information about the verified institution and real-time information about site security.